Hello, my name is Connie Veneracion. Houseonahill.net was the first domain I used when I started blogging way back in 2003. I haven’t used it in years but then I had an idea.

In grade school and high school, I enjoyed working on art projects. Paper crafts, embroidery, beadwork… Anything that resulted in beautiful things, I liked doing. I remember making papier mâché vases, table runners, coasters… even a stuffed doll! Unfortunately, none of that turned useful when I decided to become a lawyer.

Well, I’ve retired from lawyering. Over the past few weeks, after spending a lot of time on Pinterest promoting my food blog, I came upon hundreds and hundreds of crafts projects, and seeing them rekindled my love for everything artsy. This time, however, I want to create beautiful things that are also useful.

To go with the crafts projects I intend to post on this blog are DIY articles I have written intermittently over the years. There aren’t too many of them, most are about non-traditional (and, often, surprising) uses for common household items, but I do intend to add more.

I hope you enjoy the articles and photos as much as I enjoy producing them. Just don’t steal my content. Don’t include my photos in round-ups and lists unless you asked first and I said yes in writing. If you never asked and I never said yes, using my content would be stealing. And I do hate thieves. Really.

A toast to DIY, crafts and home decor!