Teak furniture: weather-resistant and termite-resistant


Last Friday, Speedy and I went to the opening of Vincent Padilla’s “No Time Like The Past” at Galerie Anna at SM Megamall. We had coffee afterwards and since we weren’t in a hurry to drive home (trying to avoid the rush hour), we browsed a furniture store called Linden Teak. I love teak furniture mainly because teak wood is weather resistant. Outdoor teak furniture can take the beating of the rain and the heat of the tropical summer sun and the wood won’t warp nor crack. Maintenance is almost non-existent — all the teak needs is a little teak oil every few months.

So, we browsed the store. The saleslady was very accommodating and informative. She demonstrated how a set of picnic table and benches convert into a park-style bench with a back rest. A day bed becomes a double bed. A platform step ladder magically transforms into a chair. There were planks of teakwood for staircases too. The designs are what I can best describe as spare, linear and streamlined. No frills. More classical than the Komodo (which we also love) pieces but in terms of versatility and usability, Linden’s furniture are state of the art.

And then, the saleslady said the magic word — termite-resistant. I mean, most hardwoods are termite-resistant but combine the termite resistant quality with the weather resistant quality and that’s win-win whichever way you look at it.

But me being me, of course I did not just take the saleslady’s word for it. Sales people will say just about anything to earn a commission, so, I’m always wary. But, to be fair, the Linden saleslady (so sorry I didn’t catch her name) wasn’t only accommodating, she knew what she was talking about too. I did a little research and, yes, teak wood is indeed termite-resistant. »

The rocking chair for breastfeeding or sipping a mojito


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Furnishing the office / study


Last Saturday, we had a party. A joint birthday party -- mine, Buddy's (my brother-in-law) and Buddy's girlfriend, Laura. A family affair, really, but Speedy has a big family so it was not a small party. The only small part was my side of the family because I have only one sibling. It was loads of fun but it was also … »

Solid wood dining table and chairs


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Living room furniture


Several weeks ago I posted photos of catalog pages from which our living room and dining room furniture would be patterned. Well, the furniture was finally delivered last night.Above, the catalog page that inspired the design. Below, the furniture in our living room. What aren't visible are the side tables.I would … »

Custom-made hardwood furniture


Yesterday was order-the-furniture day. We already had "some ideas" about where to buy the furniture but we had not really made up our minds. We had scoured more than a dozen places, including Tiendesitas, Greenhills and malls, and still hadn't made any final decisions. We were clear on one thing though -- we want hardwood … »