The (dead) colors of summer


You in the northern hemisphere who are celebrating the late arrival of spring, the blooming of the flowers, the greenness of the grass… well, it’s summer in the tropics and our yard is now a vibrant shade of utter deadness. That’s the garden with its dull brown grass. Doesn’t matter if you water it twice a day, the dry, dull deadness remains. Speedy has given up. It’s the same every year. It’s a waste of precious water (so darn expensive in suburbia) because the roots of the grass never have enough time to soak up with water. The sun is just so hot that water never seems to leave the surface of the earth. Instant evaporation.

Of course, I’m exaggerating. The grass isn’t really dead. It’s more like in a suspended state of animation. It needs rain. Hours and hours of non-stop rain so that the water can seep deep into the soil before the sun can take it away. In a month or so, the monsoon season will begin and the grass will get all the water that it needs. Meanwhile, we have to bear with its deathly color.


And it isn’t just the yard that’s parched dry. The patches of grass by the front door are in a race with the yard as to which turns the dullest and the driest first.


The only reason there are still spots of green in front of the house is this.


The two planters with forget-me-nots. Speedy never neglects to water them. In doing so, the ground gets drenched a little too.

  • belle

    hi miss connie. that’s funny when you said “you in the northern hemisphere”. it’s like you were talking directly to me haha. yes, it is gorgeous now! spring is my favorite season, and i guess what makes it more beautiful is that we had to endure the dreariness of fall and the bitter cold of winter. everything seems brighter and more colorful now. the though of spring (and summer) is the reason why i don’t mind the grey gloomy days so much anymore, because i know something better is just around the corner.

    hang in there miss connie, and mr. speedy! the rain’s coming soon =)

    • Connie Veneracion

      hahaha I envy you your weather. I wish we can have all the blooming flowers without the heat.

  • misao

    Spring hasn’t sprung in my neck of woods yet!

    While most of the snow have melted and evaporated, there’s still a lot on our yards (both front and back). So our oak is still bare, my bulbs are still sleeping and I can’t get started with planting annuals.

    Well, forecast for next week are all on the plus side, so maybe I can start gardening in two weeks.

    • Connie Veneracion

      Strange that spring is late in so many parts of the world this year. April already! Hope you get better weather soon. Wishing the same for me.

  • Clarita

    Just a thought. Have you tried saving rain water from your gutter spout? I am not sure how practical it is in your area/yard but I know some people who save rain water in mega size containers or huge drums (with lids to avoid mosquito breeding) and use it to water certain area of the yard that they want to keep lusciously green. Just giving my two cents.

    • Connie Veneracion

      Done that. But can’t keep enough water to last the entire summer just to water the lawn. :(