14 years of school lunchboxes

17 years of school lunchboxes

The other night, we were watching Extra Virgin and the episode began with Gabriele Corcos preparing a pasta dish for his daughters’ lunch boxes. The girls went off and there was Gabriele talking about preparing his girls’ lunch boxes for two reasons: (1) it was a way of showing his love for his girls and (2) it was a matter of pride.

I understood completely. And, without any conscious attempt, I was transported to a morning many, many years ago. I had just walked the girls to their pre-school, we were entering the gate and there was another mom, young son in tow, hurriedly buying a pack of biscuits from the canteen and even more hurriedly stuffing it into the boy’s lunchbox while urging him to walk faster so he wouldn’t be late for class. That scene will forever be etched in my mind because it exemplifies all the reasons why, day in and day out, I took the trouble of cooking and packing home cooked food into my daughters’ lunch boxes. »

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a sink full of dirty dishes


I wish I can pretend that Speedy and I spend our days watching movies and our nights sipping cocktails. But I can't. I might manage to fool you but I sure as hell won't be able to fool myself. We've been without a live-in helper for a year and a month, we're still alive, we both still have two arms and two legs and... Okay, … »

On cardboard sandwiches and tummy fillers


Saturday night, we went out to see The Avengers. Alex had seen it with her school friends on opening day because, well... she had to be among the first. It's a Robert Downey, Jr. thing. She's smitten. Speedy and I, on the other hand, hate seeing any movie on opening day. We don't like jostling with the crowd. So, we waited. … »

Hasta la vista, mother


Late last month, my mother passed away. Despite her professional stature (she was a judge), there were no eulogies, no rituals, no ceremonies. That was how she wanted it. Her instructions, contained in a duly signed document, were clear and precise. Yesterday, we completed the last of those instructions. We headed out to … »

The rocking chair for breastfeeding or sipping a mojito


Sam was born on August 20, 1992, exactly two months before my 29th birthday. And for my birthday that year, Speedy gave me a rocking chair. He had this idea that if I held Sam in my arms, sat on the chair and rocked gently, she would soon be asleep. Well, it worked when Sam was very, very young. But by the time she was … »

This little pig is all we’ve got this weekend


We already knew that Sam wouldn't be coming home this weekend because she'll be out of town on a photo shoot. We were, however, expecting that Alex would be home. In fact, because she doesn't have classes on Fridays, we made preliminary arrangements to pick her up on Thursday afternoon. But she couldn't come home on … »

No one should ever feel too old to play


The night we went to see the Sherlock Holmes sequel, we were two hours too early for the last full show at the Eastwood Mall. We had had dinner already and we weren't sure how we'd pass the time. We ambled around, spent some thirty minutes inside the bookstore then did some window shopping when we passed by the toy store. … »