How to dim the light with style

Thin shawl over a lamp shade

We moved the furniture around again. What used to be the dining room which overlooks the garden is now the family room. Since it is adjacent to the kitchen, when the door of the room is ajar and the pendant lights over the kitchen island are on, the glare can be distracting if you’re watching TV. Sam asked if we could hang a bead curtain on the door to block the glare. I said we still had a lot of beads from the summer some ten years ago when she and Alex went bead crazy, and she could start stringing them. She snorted, I rolled my eyes, she went back into the family room and I resumed editing photos.

Some half an hour later, after the pizza crust dough had risen and I had grated the cheese for the pizza dinner that Sam had been asking for for over a week, I decided to take a break. Sam volunteered to assemble and bake all four single-serve pizzas so I went into the family room to relax for a while. And that was when I noticed the lamp shade. »

Matching floor and table lamps


When we moved in, the only lights in the living room were seven halogen bulbs in brass fixtures on the ceiling. We rarely turned them on because the power consumption gave us nightmares. We entertained a lot of ideas about how to do the living room … »

Heavenly home decor


Things I wish weren't so damn expensive. Most aren't even locally available.Lamps and lamp shades1. Hand made lamp shades (wow!) 2. Mibo lamps inspired by British seaside resorts 3. Made with steel, acrylic and wood veneer -- definitely Oriental … »