A very sassy floor lamp

A floor lamp with an unmistakable attitude

If, like me, you want every object in your house to be functional, then, you’re probably not in the market for knick-knacks. But, earlier today, I saw a floor lamp that changed my attitude about home decorating. An object can be both functional and highly decorative — like this piece. Yes, it is a floor lamp. The woman’s skirt is made of capiz and it houses a bulb. The body is a burnt gold color — I am not sure if it is brass or painted wood. I so love the hands-on-hips posture and the haughty angle of her head. So… sassy. »

Matching floor and table lamps


When we moved in, the only lights in the living room were seven halogen bulbs in brass fixtures on the ceiling. We rarely turned them on because the power consumption gave us nightmares. We entertained a lot of ideas about how to do the living room lighting using more practical CFLs but the brass fixtures can only … »