Spray vodka on your bathroom and kitchen tiles to make them spotless

Once upon a time, I was watching Oprah! and her guest was Kirstie Alley. My “acquaintance” with Kirstie Alley is a long one having first seen her in the 1980s mini-series North and South, and its sequel North and South II. I watched the shows with my father who fancied himself a connoisseur of beautiful women and he declared Kirstie Alley to be the most beautiful (in fact, the only beautiful) female in both series which also starred Lesley-Anne Down and, in a cameo role, Elizabeth Taylor. Personally, while I always found Ms. Alley’s thick hair gorgeous, I found her eyes too scary.

But, anyway, so Kirstie Alley was Oprah’s guest so I didn’t switch channels (I never really watched Oprah after she started “endorsing” the likes of Dr. Phil so the episode with Kirstie Alley was a real exception). Ms. Alley talked about her youth and her first job as a housekeeper.

To this day, Kirstie says she can still make a sink sparkle. In the bathroom, her favorite room to clean, Kirstie uses a special cleaning solution: vodka.

“You buy the cheapest vodka in the universe in big gallons, but it doesn’t work if you have a housekeeper who’s an alcoholic,” she jokes. “Vodka is antibacterial, and it’s not toxic and it doesn’t have any scent. … It actually makes things really shiny and really clean, and it’s actually cheaper than cleaning products. I’ve used it for 20 years.” [Source]

I swore I’d blog about cheap vodka-as-a-cleaning-agent but I somehow forgot. Until today, that is, when I came across an article that lists even more house cleaning uses for vodka.

(Above, the bottles of vodka we currently have in the house which, I suppose, do not qualify as cheap. I have to find really cheap ones that can be bought by the gallon.)

In 9 ways vodka can help you save money, the author says that, among other things, vodka can clean your clothes, remove odor in a room, treat dandruff — and repel insects.

REPEL INSECTS. Including mosquitoes. If you’re a long time reader, you probably know just how many anti-mosquito strategies we have tried including electronic mats, mosquito coils, citronella sprays and patches, and a portable sonic anti-mosquito repeller.

And now, something new to try. Vodka insect repeller. There is a recipe from DIYLife with only three ingredients — apple cider vinegar, cheap vodka and citronella or eucalyptus oil. No special equipment needed — just a funnel and a spray bottle. Oh, yes, I am going to try it.

*UPDATE on June 2, 2012

I’ve tried it. Read the results here.

  • http://sugarwithdrawal.wordpress.com marie

    WOW!!!! So will I! Thanks for the heads up! =)

    • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

      No problem. :)

      • Chini

        cool!!! me going hunting for that cheap vodka, too. let us know when you find a source. :-)

        • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

          Let us know too if you find a source before I do. :D

          • http://www.barbiekins.com Barbie

            I am so going to try this!

            Miss Connie, you can buy Cossack, I think it’s the cheapest local brand in the market. :)

          • emyM

            Thanks for the great “tip”

          • Nina

            Yes, cossack may be the cheapest, but i doubtif they sell more than a liter bottle.

            Another household item with so many uses is the vinegar.. Can be used as fabric conditioner, jewelry polisher, also as tile cleaner…

          • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

            I heard once that to remove odor from clothes worn by someone with body odor, just add vinegar to the laundry water. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/reginabeth Beatrize

    Vodka was also one of those featured in Myth Busters. The myth being vodka as an effective liquid in removing food odor. Myth confirmed!

    • Blackwidow

      I checked out the wine and liquor section of my favorite supermarket and found out that Cossack Blue is the cheapest vodka at 59.65 (The barcode says it is Cossach Blue Vodka, though the label does not says so. I asked the saleslady to confirm if it is indeed a vodka, and not gin.)

      I am not a fan of Oprah either. She is so commercial and show biz.

      • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion

        We were in the supermarket and I still forgot to buy Cossack. Grrrr.

        • Riza

          re-pinned at pinterest! Thanks for this!

          • http://casaveneracion.com/ Connie Veneracion