Can someone with egg allergy enjoy pasta carbonara?

Eggless pasta carbonara

The thick and rich sauce of traditional carbonara is made by stirring together raw beaten eggs and grated cheese. The mixture is poured into hot pasta and bacon, off the fire, and tossed quickly to prevent the eggs from cooking. You can find the carbonara recipe in the archive.

But that’s not real carbonara that you see in the photo above. That’s mock carbonara with a sauce made with a mixture of milk and cheese. Alex and her schoolmates, the theater group that will mount a major production as their thesis, are here doing their paperwork. I’m kind of their grammar coach. And cook. Alex was craving carbonara but one of her friends has a bad egg allergy so I made a pot of mock carbonara instead. Gone in a flash.

DLS-CSB The Glass Menagerie Theater Production

Clockwise, from Alex who is standing up: Jo Lao, Iya Dueñas, Tim Mabalot, Mikey Garcia, Theo Dacanay and Claire Consing.

DLS-CSB The Glass Menagerie Theater Production

I took a shower after cooking. I could hear them talking, arguing and bantering even with the bathroom door shut. Then, complete silence that lasted about ten minutes. Freshly showered, I went down. Alex told me the pasta was gone. And I told them I figured as much. Those ten minutes when they went silent? That was the time they were wolfing down the pasta. The carbonara must be good. They said it was.

If you’re allergic to eggs or if eating raw eggs bothers you and want to try my mock carbonara recipe, click here.

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