Our cat situation is nothing like a movie scene

We used to have one female cat, Pepper. She had kittens, year after year, the mortality rate of cats is high, most never lived to adulthood but a few survived. To date, the few consists of two males and two females all from different litters. The female kittens became adults and, well… Pepper and the two female kittens — I meant, female cats — gave birth within a week of each other. For about a week, we could hear so many newborn kittens making crying sounds. Then, the cries got fewer and fewer, and then, there were two kittens left.

If I’m bothered with having too many cats, Speedy is even more bothered. We’ve gotten tired of discussing adoption plans with Sam and Alex since they never want to part with new kittens. Every. Darn. Time. And I think about a scene from Before Midnight, the one where Celine tells Jesse about her cat Cleopatra. »

Our kaffir lime tree is bearing fruits


There's a bug going around, Speedy was the first to catch it, then I caught it and, late last night, it looks like Alex is the latest victim. She might have been spared but she decided to come home in the middle of the week (Wednesday was a holiday) … »

Frozen yogurt: when you want ice cream but can’t have eggs


Ice cream isn't just frozen cream and sugar and flavorings. The base of ice cream is a custard and custard is made with egg yolks, milk and cream. So, ice cream and people who are allergic to eggs don't go together well.I've been having issues … »

Travelling without the girls


Sunday, the day after the wedding, we went to a brunch at a house about half an hour from Baguio. It was a beautiful house situated in the middle of a lush forest and we drank in the majestic scenery and the sweet mountain air. A buffet table was … »

I went there for the lights and they were magnificent


When Alex said she was the associate lighting designer for Definire and she invited us to see it, we pushed our scheduled departure time for Baguio last Friday to make it to the show. We were showed our seats and, before the house lights were … »

A country club wedding


I've always felt wary about mentioning friends' names in my blog lest I sound like a name-dropping social climber. So, I rarely mentioned anyone by name. If, at all. But I belong to a profession with a lot of famous (or infamous) personalities and I … »

It was almost like a movie scene


It's opening night of an art exhibit, the artist is on her feet, greeting guests as they filter in, then moving from guest to guest, chatting, entertaining them and acting every inch the quintessential hostess. It's a scene I've seen in countless … »

Earlier, while waiting for my girl friends


For the first time since we moved to the suburb, I was the first to arrive at a dinner date in the city with my girl friends from law school. I took a table al fresco where I could smoke. I wasn't sure how long it would be before they arrived so I … »