A birthday gift for a 16-year-old girl

Sam is turning 16 on August 20 but we gave her the birthday gift of her choice last Sunday.

A pomspitz named Twix

His name is Twix (after the breakfast cereal chocolate bar, according to Sam) and he’s a pomspitz — a crossbreed of a pomeranian and a Japanese spitz. And, yes, we keep him as far away as we can from Astro. The nice thing about this house is that the lanai is on one end and the garden on the other. Astro rules the lanai; Twix and and cats can sunbathe in the garden during the day and stay indoors during the night.

Twix and the cats? Yes, because Twix is ever so small (and he’s never going to grow any bigger than Pepper as an adult dog) and very mild-mannered (he doesn’t even bark), he and the cats seem to get along alright. No kidding. I can prove it.

Twix, the pomspitz, with a kitten on his back

Twix, the pomspitz, with a kitten on his back

Looks like Twix can't decide if he and Pepper are related.

Looks like Twix can't decide if he and Pepper are related.

Twix tries to smell Pepper.

Twix tries to smell Pepper.

Pepper doesn't look too thrilled but doesn't budge.

Pepper doesn't look too thrilled but doesn't budge.

Oooops... not too near!

Oooops... not too near!

Oh, well, at least they don’t try to bite each other’s head off. I should upload a video next time. Of Twix walking. He never seems to walk. Rather, he bounces. :)

  • http://witsandnuts.com witsandnuts

    I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the pix. I’m interested of getting my own Twix. I’m not sure if there’s one in UAE, hope it’s not just camel. :) Where did you get Twix?

    • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

      Rhodora, yes, Pepper is bigger. Twix will grow two inches taller as an adult but that’s it. That should make him about the size of Pepper or a little smaller.

      Yoru, Pepper is the most well behaved pet we ever had. Doesn’t steal food, doesn’t climb on the dining table, doesn’t hurt anyone…

      Witsandnuts, Sam found him through Philippine Pet Finder.

    • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

      Ay, sorry, baby.

      Where the heck are you posting from? Are you in your IT class?

    • http://blog.ditz-revolution.net Helga

      OMG, too adorable!!! I want a toy dog now, hee. I especially love the pic where Twix and Pepper are eying each other, so precious.

      • http://teacherjulie.com julie

        I agree with Miguk, Twix might “grow” up thinking she is a cat “Meow!” :D

        • http://kwentongwalangkwenta.com auee

          Cool… dog person din si Sam :-)

          I would really really love to have a dog *sigh*
          But since the house is virtually empty all day, it would be difficult/unfair/illegal(?).

          Anyhow… ang cute po talaga ni twix.

          • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

            Sam, ang dami nakyu-cute-an kay Twix. Pamigay na natin. HAHAHAHA Hindi ako galit sa dachshund, ano ba! Mukha lang hotdog kasi tingin ko noh.

            Sige, Yuga, dalhin mo. Baka ma-in love si Twix hahaha

            Miguk, LOL noooooo!!!!

            Richard, she likes… Sam, enumerate ko boys you like??? Me, I don’t deny. Brad Pitt forever HAHAHAHAHA

          • http://kutitots.com Gail

            Glad to hear you have a wonderful new dog! Belated Happy birthday Sam, alagaan mo si Twix!!!

  • Sam

    MA!! Hindi cereals ang Twix. Chocolate.

    • http://intricate-thoughts.blogspot.com/ kreez

      ahhh, twix is sooo cute, i really want a dog, if only i could figure out who will take care of him while i’m in the office…

      Advanced Happy Birthday Sam!

      • richard

        Rolling Stones cover yung mga Jonas Pares….este Brothers pala…what 16 y.o. doesn’t like them boys…dagdag gift baga

  • http://abeolandres.com yuga

    Dalhin ko dyan yung aso ko next time. Di rin to lumalaki. Dachshund.

    • Miguk

      He’s going to grow up thinking he is a cat!

      • http://dapurplehaze.blogspot.com trina

        wow she’s soooo adorable! I want a puppy like her too!

        • http://asianmommy.com/ Asianmommy

          Twix & the kitten are so cute together!

  • chris

    He’s soooo cute connie!!!! I love it when cats and dogs get along heeheh

    • Sam

      YUGAAA! HAHA, galit si mommy sa Dachshund. Masiyado daw mahaba. Dapat ganun bibilhin namin e.

    • Susan E. Cruz

      Advance happy birthday Sam! Ang cute ni twix and pepper together. I would like to have pet dogs pero di ko kaya ang amoy ng pets in the house.

    • http://meloveslemons.multiply.com/ Melissa

      such a cute dog!!! :) and the cat too! :) i’m not much of a cat fan but the white and orange cat on twix’s back is so adoreable. Ü

      • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

        The kitten has gotten much bigger bigger since but he and Twix still play together.

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  • http://hazelsheryllchua.blogspot.com Hazel Chua

    Hi! I love the first photo, so cute! I’m guessing Pepper is a Persian? So beautiful! :)

    • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

      Yes, she is. :)

      • http://hazelsheryllchua.blogspot.com Hazel Chua

        Wow, pretty Queen! I love her colors, I wonder if she’s produced blue-gray litters already? I love how that strip of orange goes down in the middle of her face, adds character to her look!

        I have two pure Persians named Calvin and Missy, Missy has a bad temperament, she is maldita and nothing like your Pepper. Calvin? He looks more like a pusakal than a Persian to me, lol! Thank heavens I have Coco, a female choco-point Himmy who is playful and affectionate. Cats are so lovable, aren’t they? Somehow their gentle and calm nature rubs off on their owners. :)

        • http://casaveneracion.com Connie Veneracion

          There was one blue-gray striped kitten in the first litter and another in the last. Neither survived, sadly.

          I generally love cats more than dogs. But even among our cats, it’s Pepper that I love most. :-P

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  • rhodora

    Ohhh…. I enjoyed viewing these pics! They are soooo cute. And it seems, Pepper is bigger than Twix?

    Connie, mukhang mahaba yata ang list ng birthday wishes ni Sam. Just the other day, she asked for cactus. I wonder what’s next. Tagal pa birthday niya, three weeks more to go… hehehe.

    Happy Birthday in advance, Sam! ;)

  • http://cureless.net Yoru

    Cutie! :) I’m never fond of miniature dogs (and pomeranians) but Twix’s pics are so cute. Good thing Pepper doesn’t strike him :D

  • http://dapurplehaze.blogspot.com trina

    I would love to get a dog but I live alone so I’ve got nobody to take care of it when im at work especially i work graveyard shifts. *sigh*